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A friend of mine is missing. Her name is Tear.

Has anyone seen her?

I looked everywhere, but... I haven't been able to find her... anywhere...

I know this is probably a long shot and maybe she's gone, but if anyone has seen her, well, I'd appreciate any information.
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...That's weird. It says 'user not found' when I tried to look back at what Jade posted... Huh... That doesn't sound good.

Well, I don't know if Jade will see this, but I guess we should still try to all meet up. Where are you, Anise?

I'm with Tear near Joutenheim and Natalia's with Asch, I think.

((ooc: Ohgads I think this is backdated a bit now to week 17 >.>; Trying to figure out how to make this work since timing has kinda gotten screwy.... a lot screwy. lol doh. Finding out about Anise and Jade seemed to happen around same time Luke went to find Tear, so I imagine they'd go to find Anise fairly promptly. Hence this. Let me know if it makes no sense though. lol DX))
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How weird is it to have almost all your friends show up at once?

...Just wondering.
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Huh, I almost forgot about this thing.

I... don't really know what to say though, heh.

......Well, I guess this was pretty pointless.
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[sounds of someone fumbling with the journal]

Huh! I wonder how this thing works? [more fumbling then a slight sigh] Guy could probably figure it out...


Well, it's definitely doing something...

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Moving Luke to Paixao, so if you could de-friend this journal it would be much appreciated! ♥
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Everything's going crazy. So many posts... I don't even know where to start. And I'm still so slow at reading...

Alright, so, a lot of people just vanished suddenly? Just like that?

If there's anything I can do to help, I'll do what I can!
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Do you think when people disappear they really do end up back where they were?


I really hope so. I want to think they're all safe back in Auldrant.

I just wish I'd had the chance to tell her...
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That's really not something you want to start your day to. Ugh... couldn't she have at least waited a few more hours...?
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You know, it would be nice if for once things could ever be that easy.

[sigh, then kinda mutters]

Well, at least on the 'bright side', I was able to read people's posts now. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this alphabet, now that I know which letters are which. Thanks again for helping me, Aerith.

Dammit... there must be something we can do...
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Geez, I was starting to wonder if that was ever going to end. What the heck was that?

Of course, I couldn't read whatever it said.

Then it just kept beeping...
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I can't find Asch now. I hadn't heard from him in awhile, which I wouldn't usually consider strange, but considering he'd decided he wanted my help to find a way back to Auldrant, I thought he'd contact me again sooner rather than later.

I found his sword beside his bed and... he's no where to be found. It's like what happened to Guy and Anise...

I guess I'm alone now... heh.

((ooc: Voice comments plz as usual. XD))
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Well, I think I'm starting to figure out some of this alphabet. I think. Some letters are kind of the same, like 'Z' looks almost identical. Which... is kind of weird, I guess. There's still a lot I haven't figured out though, and it's going to take even longer to remember it all. [sigh] I guess I'll keep at it though. It's not like I have anything better to do...

So, uh, say... What's this "Ha-lo-ween" thing people have been talking about?

Just wondering.

((ooc: Luke still can't really read so voice replies are a good idea. 8D))
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Well, I haven't found any sign of Anise or Guy. I... guess they're gone. If anyone hears something from either of them, could someone let me know? Thanks.

Uh, and... this might sound kind of strange but, there isn't anyone who might have a suggestion of how I could figure out this language is there? I mean, I understand you all just fine. It sounds like the language I know, but the way you write things doesn't look at all like fonic.

[a sigh] Not being able to read anything is getting to be a real pain, so I guess I need to learn it. Even though I'd really rather not...
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Hey, um, Asch told me Anise and Guy were here, but they seem to have gone missing.

Has anyone heard anything from them at all? I'd like to try and find them, especially if they're in trouble or something. They're friends of mine.
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So, it's recording my voice now?

Huh. And everyone will be able to hear it? Okay...

What do all these buttons do? I can't read any of this. It's all... lines, circles and dots! It doesn't look anything like the fonic alphabet.

...Oh, right, it's recording all this, isn't it?

So. Hi, I guess. I'm Luke. Luke fon Fabre.

((Yeah. They do the alphabet different on Auldrant, so he can't read anything. lol Voice posts ftw?! :D))
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