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Name:Luke fon Fabre

Character: Luke fon Fabre
Series: Tales of the Abyss
Version: Game
Age: Appears 17 at the start of the game and is uh... 18 now. 19 soon. Technically is actually only 7-8 years old. Technically.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetrosexual


Luke's orange-red hair stands out like a sore thumb, messily falling around his face in long spikes, a few locks longer down the back of his neck. Striking emerald green eyes peek out from behind his fairly long bangs. He stands at 5'7", and is fairly slender, but muscular largely accredited to his swordsmanship.

His style of clothing is rather relaxed, wearing black baggy pants with a belt to keep them on his hips, and provide something to fix his sword to at the back and a high cut black t-shirt that shows off his toned mid-drift. Over top he wears a short sleeved white coat that buttons at the chest and has a high collar. The coat is long, splitting in the back, with a pocket on each sleeve and lined with yellow trim. On the back a monster like face is painted in black. On his hands he wears a pair of brown cut-off gloves with buckles around his wrists, and on his feet a pair of red and gray shoes.

Horizontally at his lower back he caries a sword, the hilt points to the left, as Luke is left handed.


There were few more arrogant, spoilt, self centered and whiny, than Luke fon Fabre, until he made the biggest mistake of his life and vowed to change.

When Luke blindly followed one he trusted, and was used to cause the death of thousands of lives and came to realize he was just a replica, created to take the place of his original, taking the original's life away. With this knowledge his world fell apart. He came to realize he had to change to be able to make amends to all those who lost their lives. And that he needed to become his own person and think for himself.

He became someone trying to figure out who he was, and what his role in the world should be, beyond being the replica.

Luke became more thoughtful and caring, trying, almost too hard, to avoid his old ways. He tries harder to keep his manners in check. He's ready to help out where he can and becoming quick to apologize even if he isn't always to blame. He's also quick to blame himself when things go wrong.

He's generally a nice guy, although a hint of "old Luke" still creeps in now and then with the odd snarky or sarcastic comment, although usually it's well deserved. He isn't above pulling a prank or having a good laugh at someone else's expense.

Luke tends to be still, even now, ignorant and rather naive, though not half as much as he once was. He's learned a lot in his travels. He's curious, interested in learning about the world he's missed out on so much during his life.

In whatever he does, Luke is good at over-doing it. Too arrogant, too apologetic, etc. He throws himself into things, and feels very strongly.

He often also tries to hide when he's being bothered by things, but Luke tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve. He's not good at hiding things at all, especially from his friends.

For a time he had trouble realizing his own self-worth. He felt he was nothing but a replica, inferior to Asch, and was ready to throw his life away, if it could somehow repay for the lives he accidentally took. But he realizes he wants to live. He didn't want to die. By the end of the game he's realized he's more than just a replica. He's real and that he and Asch were different people. He realized that he was still himself, and what Asch or anyone else thought didn't matter.


To understand the abilities of any TotA character, you need to understand the wonderful thing called the fonon. A fonon is essentially a kind of particle that makes up everything in the world of Auldrant. (Kinda like the atom, though doesn't replace it. Atoms exist too.) As Tear explains, "Every structure and living thing has its own intrinsic vibration and emits a corresponding sound. Those are divided into six fonons. Tiny differences in their vibration and connections distinguish individual matter." So, yes, fonons are sound. Originally there were only 6 kinds of fonons, but a second one mutated in the planet storm. Each kind of fonon represents a different elements. Dark, Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Light and Sound. So, in Auldrant people called fonists use those fonons to create what we would consider magic.

Luke's fonon frequency (each person is different) is the Seventh Fonon. Someone who uses the seventh fonon is rare. He has the ability to cause something called hyperresonance. Van explains, "A hyperresonance is a power that occurs when two Seventh Fonons interact. It can destroy and reform any matter. Normally, it occurs only under special conditions, with two Seventh Fonists present." That is not the case, however, for Asch, and thereby, Luke. They are able to create their own hyperresonance, however Luke has far more trouble using his compared to Asch.

When Asch died, Luke received some of Asch's power, particularly the ability to use a second order hyperresonace. Jade says the theory behind it isn't well established, but supposedly it can neutralize the effects of all fonons. His ability to use this would be limited, much as Asch is. It can be a considerable destructive ability. Any use of it would be weakened and limited.

Luke has no ability to use fonic artes. His only arte ability is strike artes (including albert style arcane artes), and his mystic arte, his most powerful attack. Strike artes are mainly physical, using part of the body or a weapon. Luke's become quite the swordsman, able to best Van, his teacher, and Asch. He uses the Albert Style, which strikes hard and fast, but is hardly the most elegant style of sword fighting. It involves a fair bit of brute strength.


Just when he was starting to come to understand his own world, here he's been tossed into a whole NEW one, with massive differences from his own. He'll be very lost, and unsure how much of anything works.

In fact, Luke's naive in general. He has to ask a lot of questions to try to understand things. He doesn't desire to ever be fooled again as he once was due to his ignorance, but he is unfortunately still rather prone to it.

He also still feels a great deal of guilt. While he's come to terms with a lot of aspects of his life, he still feels the weight of his actions in Akzeriuth and the lives he unintentionally took. He probably always will.

In a more physical manner, Luke's sword style tends to involve very wide strikes that could leave him quite open to someone quick. When he gets hit down, he can be slow to react. He's also more weak to magical type attacks, having more defense against physical than magical.


On a world called Auldrant where all things contain particles known as fonons. There was a fonist by the name of Yulia. Yulia had the gift of seeing the future, and she wrote prophesies in seven fonstones, known as The Score. Six of the stones were found, but the seventh was missing, as Yulia had hidden it.

The people of Auldrant embraced The Score, and came to live by it, almost obsessively, but all that was about to change when a intruder entered the Fabre Mansion in Baticul.

ND2000. In Kimlasca shall be born one who inherits the power of Lorelei. He will be a boy of royal blood with hair of red. He shall be called the Light of the Sacred Flame. And he will lead Kimlasca-Lanvaldear to new prosperity.

A son was born to Duke Fabre and his wife with hair of red. Everything was well until he was ten. The boy was kidnapped and returned so traumatized he'd lost his memory entirely. He was pretty much a blank slate (an infant), who didn't know how to even walk or talk. So worried something could happen to him again, he was trapped in the mansion in Baticul, his only friend a servant named Guy, who helped to teach him everything.

The result was he was spoilt utterly, and became whiny and arrogant. The only bright spot in his life was when Van Grants, the general of the Oracle Knights came to visit. He'd taken Luke on as his student, and taught him how to use the sword. He admired and looked up to Van, his Master.

At 17, however, his world was turned up-side-down.

Everyone in the mansion started dropping off to sleep as Luke and Van practiced in the courtyard. Out of no where a woman appeared, yelling for Van to prepare to die. Luke moved to block, but something happened. Light exploded as their weapons touched, and suddenly he awoke with the woman looking down at him concerned and he was no longer at the mansion.

The woman's name was Tear. Tear Grants, the sister of Van. She explained a Hyperresonance had happened between them, as they were both users of the seventh fonon. The hyperresonance tossed them across the world, landing them in enemy territory. Tear promised to the annoyed and pissed off Luke she'd get him home, however.

Thus began their story!

*deepbreath* SO. Tear and Luke hitch a ride to the capital, but lol, realize by capital the coach driver thought they meant Mulkuth's. Oops. So they get off at a village and Luke is blamed for stealing their food stores. They bump into Jade Curtis, Fon Master Ion, and his guardian, Anise. Ion discovers it was cheagles who took the food, so Luke is let off the hook, but drags Tear to cheagle forest where, long story short, they end up having to kill the Liger Queen, and Luke gets stuck with Mieu a cheagle banished for a year from his tribe, but is given the sorcerer's ring so he can talk.

But then, Jade arrests them and takes them to their land/water ship, the Tartarus. They want them to help them, but won't say why till they agree. So they do, and turns out they want to bring a peace treaty to Kimlasca, as they don't want war to break out between Kimlasca and Mulkuth.

Suddenly, however, SUPRAIZ ATTACK from the God Generals, who manage to kidnap for the first of many times Ion. They're imprisoned, but in true RPG form, escape. They find Ion, but looks like they're in trouble as they also get cornered by Legretta the Quick and Arettia the wild. OH WAIT, IT'S THE AMAZING GUY! (Luke's servant and friend from the mansion) They get the heck outta there and sneak into St. Binah to meet with Anise, but she's already headed to the next city.

So, leaving St. Binah they head to Kaitzur... and ugh screw this. LONG STORY SHORT: They do get to Baticul eventually. Luke is told he gets to be a goodwill ambassador to Akzeriuth. And Van, who's Luke's Master, says he can possibly help save Akzeriuth from a poisonous miasma which was filling the city. So off they go, with Princess Natalia joining them.

Well, Van uses him to cause a hyperresonance which doesn't neutralize the miasma like Van told him, but rather destroys the sephiroth tree that was holding Akzeriuth up! So... yeah. GOOG JORB LUKE. Akzeriuth is destroyed, having fallen into the liquid crust that is The Qliphoth. They're saved thanks to Tear's hymns, but everyone else was no so lucky.

Luke goes into uber denial and all that. They arrive in Yulia City, and there they're met by Asch, the Bloody. Asch tells him that he is in fact a replica, and that Asch was the real Luke. They fight, and Luke loses, collapsing. While unconscious he is given a chance to walk in another's shoes, so to speak, as he sees through Asch's eyes. After watching and learning a lot, Asch tells Luke St. Binah is in danger of falling and severs the connection.

Luke awakens and finds himself still in Yulia City. Tear is still there, although she didn't stay for his sake. She just happened to be there. Only Mieu stuck around. Luke comes to a decision, and vows to Tear, cutting his hair with one of her knives, that he'll change. He asks her to watch, and she agrees.

They race to the Outter Lands and soon meet up with Guy, Jade and Anise, and go to rescue Natalia and Ion from Daath. They then go to talk to the ruler of Mulkuth, Emperor Peony. Then stuff happens, like Guy getting a curse slot, and how he was from the house of Gardios, and stuff.

Anyways, they get to St. Binah and start to rescue people, but oh noes, St. Binah is starting to fall! So they manage to find a way to get a airplane-thing and are able to save the people, taking them to Yulia City. To save some of the falling lands, they go to the passage ring of the sepherioth tree holding up St. Binah and safely lower the city, but find they have to lower some of the other cities and stuff too. And... more complicated plot happens involving Mohs who's trying to start war and stuff, like what was written in The Score. And he like, convinces the king of Kimlasca that Luke and Natalia should be executed, cause Luke is a replica and Natalia was in fact not his daughter. With a lot of surpraiz help, they escape Baticul.

And...stuff happens, and they need to like, lower the lands but the miasma and stuff is being caused by the vibration in the planet's core, which is causing it. Anyways, they start to prepare to lower the lands visiting the passage rings. To activate the passage rings they had found Tear, as a descendant of Yulia, was able to activate them to use them, but in doing so she was being poisoned by miasma running through her body when she did so. Despite the risk to her, she refuses to stop. And Luke's so worried. It's so cute~!

Um. ANYHOO. Ugh. This is so tl;dr. Augh. Basically, I'm forgetting in what order now, they use the Tartarus to put it into the core to settle down the vibrations, lower the outter lands, defeat the god generals and face off with Van. He dies, falling into the core.

YAY! THE END! Except not. DX Turns out the god generals aren't dead, and they suspect Van might not be so dead either. AND the miasma is starting to come back. Crap, the core is starting to vibrate again. Plus Mohs is using replicas to try to start war now. Oy vey.

Turns out, Anise was working for Mohs. Not by choice, of course. Ion is kidnapped again and they force him to read the planet score, that'll kill him. They find Ion as he reads it, thus are too late. Ion did it though not for Mohs but for Luke, and using the rest of his strength, Ion heals Tear of the miasma poisoning. *sniff* Ion :(

Now, Lorelei told Luke and Asch he'd send them the key to awaken him, but Asch got his part, but apparently Luke somehow didn't. They try to find it but have little luke and the miasma is getting worse, so finally a way is found to , but it's a bad idea. Luke mentions it to Asch though, and Asch decides to do it. A hyperresonance and the sacrifice of him and a LOT of seventh fonists... which a replacement for those could be the replicas. Meanwhile, Luke comes to terms that he feels he wants to do it (even though he does not wish to die). At the top of the Tower of Rem, Luke interrupts Asch, taking his place to do it, but it's not quite enough, so Asch helps, and so the replicas sacrifice their lives to destroy the misama, except Luke doesn't die like he should have. Uh...

Confused, they go to the replica lab to have Luke checked out. Luke discovers he is going to die, just not right away. His fonons are separating. He doesn't know how long he has, but he hopes it will be long enough to go after Van. He decides not to tell anyone (except, of course, Jade knows), except Mieu manages to overhear this and he goes to Tear and tells her what he heard. She talks to Luke, and keeps it secret from the others.

SO... basically... Van, having trapped Lorelei inside him when he fell into the core, still wants to make a replica world, and in this place called Eldrant (lol a floating island thing, like all good rps have at some point) where Hod is being replicated they go to finally face off against him. As they head deeper into Eldrant to find Van, Luke accidentally falls into a trap, and finds Asch also trapped in the same place. There's a way to escape, but only one of them can get away. Luke feels Asch should do it since his hyperessonance is stronger than his own, but Asch won't have it. They fight, and Luke wins. Asch forces him to take the Sword of Lorelei (a part of the Key of Lorelei which will free him) and leave, staying there to fight off the guards. However, Asch, who knew his time was growing short, dies. Luke realizes when it happens and a glyph glows around him. Asch has given him a second order hyperessonance. They find Van and inevitably fight him. Van uses the power of Lorelei, but Tear sings the Grand Fonic Hymn to wake Lorelei and he's defeated! All that's left is to free Lorelei. Luuuuke. DX The group say their goodbyes and Luke promises to return, and (donno if he hears \o_O/) but Tear admits she loves him, (Awww) but he doesn't hear that. They escape from Eldrant as Luke uses the Key of Lorelei and that's the last they see of him. Of course, Tear still believes he'll come back. :|b

What exactly happens to Luke when he frees Lorelei is up for debate. It was left rather open ended on purpose, and is something a mystery.

What we know is Lorelei was freed and spoke to Luke who was holding the dead Asch. Luke glows and we see Asch's hand twitch, and there's an explosion of light. And... yeah. I figure I'm taking him from around there, though what actually happened \O_o/ I'm not going to really tackle it for now.

(Although, for the record, I prefer the idea that Luke was revived and missing for a year (hence the long hair, changed clothes etc.) What happened to Asch's body though, I really donno. It's pretty likely that was the big bang of the contamination effect, but... \O_o/ I babble about that whole deal here if you want to read about it.)

(Played by [info]nalina on [info]paixaorpg Tales of the Abyss is © Namco )

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